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Magneto-Motive Force and Performance Comparative Analysis Research for a Novel Pentacle-Star Hybird Winding Five-Phase Induction Motor

By Jinhong Li and Dawei Meng
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 109, 125-138, 2021


In order to shorten design optimization cycle and reduce the influence of low-order harmonic for multi-phase induction motor, two kinds of five-phase motors - using either a star or pentacle-star hybrid winding - are proposed based on the Y160L-4 three-phase induction motor, which keep the structure size of the stator and rotor and rated power constant, redesign the winding, and adjust the match parameters of the stator and rotor slots. Based on the Fourier series expansion method, the time-space harmonic magnetomotive force (MMF) analytic function of pentacle-star winding was given based on star winding MMF. According to the analysis for the MMF table of three kinds of induction motors, pentacle-star winding with 19th-order harmonic has a better performance than star-winding with 9th-order harmonic and three-phase delta winding with 5th-order harmonic. Further analysis suggests that the harmonic torque generated by the harmonic MMF can be used to improve the electromagnetic torque, and the effective torque characteristics of the three forms of induction motors are given. Two kinds of five-phase motors with different winding configurations can be realized based on the three-phase motor, and some simulated and experimental resluts show that the method is feasible, which provids significant value in engineering applications.


Jinhong Li and Dawei Meng, "Magneto-Motive Force and Performance Comparative Analysis Research for a Novel Pentacle-Star Hybird Winding Five-Phase Induction Motor," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 109, 125-138, 2021.


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