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Direct Suspension Control Based on Second Order Sliding Mode for Bearingless Brushless DC Motor

By Baohua Yue, Ye Yuan, and Tianyue Tao
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 98, 17-30, 2020


For direct suspension force control (DSFC) strategy of Bearingless Brushless DC Motor (BBLDCM), combined with super-twisting algorithm, a second-order sliding mode (SOSM) controller is designed by direct suspension force. The control precision, robustness, and jitter suppression of the suspension subsystem are improved. The direct suspension force control based on the second-order sliding mode (SOSM-DSFC) controller solves the influence of external disturbance on the self-stabilizing suspension, effectively suppresses the rotor jitter problem, and improves the robustness of the rotor suspension.


Baohua Yue, Ye Yuan, and Tianyue Tao, "Direct Suspension Control Based on Second Order Sliding Mode for Bearingless Brushless DC Motor," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 98, 17-30, 2020.


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