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Dual-Band Reconfigurable Graphene-Based Patch Antenna in Terahertz Band: Design, Analysis and Modeling Using WCIP Method

By Aymen Hlali, Zied Houaneb, and Hassen Zairi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 87, 213-226, 2018


The resonant frequency of an antenna plays a crucial role in the design of a reconfigurable antenna. In this article, we have developed a dual-band reconfigurable terahertz patch antenna by using graphene. The simulation results demonstrate that the designed structure can provide excellent properties in terms of dual wide-band performance, frequency-recon guration by applying different voltages on the graphene. These initial results are particularly promising for various applications in the THz regime. Furthermore, we have investigated the effect of the additional parameter such as temperature and relaxation time. The modeling is done by using a new equation of the Wave Concept Iterative Process (WCIP) method, and the validation is achieved by comparison with CST simulator. Here, we propose to develop a new efficient and flexible numerical tool for graphene modeling.


Aymen Hlali, Zied Houaneb, and Hassen Zairi, "Dual-Band Reconfigurable Graphene-Based Patch Antenna in Terahertz Band: Design, Analysis and Modeling Using WCIP Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 87, 213-226, 2018.


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