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Prediction of Slot-Shape, Slot-Size and Inserted Air-Gap of a Microstrip Antenna Using Knowledge-Based Neural Network

By Taimoor Khan and Asok De
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 65, 23-32, 2016


In this paper, the slot-shape and slot-size introduced on the radiating surface of a microstrip antenna as well as the inserted air-gap between the substrate sheet and ground plane are predicted, simultaneously. This synthesizing-prediction is carried out using knowledge based neural network (KBNN) model as this approach requires very less amount of training patterns. The suggested approach is validated by fabricating and characterizing three prototypes. A very good agreement is attained in measured, simulated and predicted results.


Taimoor Khan and Asok De, "Prediction of Slot-Shape, Slot-Size and Inserted Air-Gap of a Microstrip Antenna Using Knowledge-Based Neural Network," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 65, 23-32, 2016.


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