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Design of Missile-Mounted SIW Antenna with High Directivity for Data Transmission

By Wen-Chung Liu and Chih-Sheng Chen
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 38, 79-88, 2013


A substrate-integrated-waveguide (SIW) antenna with high directivity for data transmission between a missile and a control platform, usually an aircraft, is presented. By simply setting vias and loading parasitic elements to a rectangle patch on an FR4 substrate, good resonance with effective concentration of current was therefore achieved. For verification, constructed prototypes of both the proposed SIW antenna and the 2/3 scaled system of the designed SIW antenna mounted on the missile were simulated and measured. Good agreement between both has been obtained. The original SIW antenna working at C band has an operating bandwidth of 100 MHz (4.78-4.88 GHz ) and an average gain of about 5 dBi as well, whereas the scaled missile-mounted antenna system has an operating bandwidth of 160 MHz (7.15-7.31 GHz ) with a peak gain of 3.7 dBi at 7.24 GHz. Also, directive radiation patterns suitable for use on data transmission in a missileaircraft transceiver system have been measured for the both cases.


Wen-Chung Liu and Chih-Sheng Chen, "Design of Missile-Mounted SIW Antenna with High Directivity for Data Transmission," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 38, 79-88, 2013.


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