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Ultra-Wideband Reflectarray Antenna Using Two Layers Square-Loop Frequency Selective Surfaces

By Ali Mohammad and Ali Hassan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 118, 43-59, 2022


This paper aims to design an ultra-wideband reflectarray using True Time Delay technique that depends on compensate for the path differences of the electromagnetic waves between the feed and reflectarray surface, and reradiate them in-phase as a planar wave. The reflectarray surface is composed of numerous radiating elements. The reflecting surface is divided into several concentric annular zones; each of them has equal path delays of the electromagnetic waves. The radiating elements in each zone are implemented with two-layer square-loop type Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) structures. A TTD reflectarray with a diameter of 250 mm fed with a centered ku-band pyramidal horn antenna is studied and designed and fabricated to operate at the center frequency of 15 GHz. The proposed reflectarray provides a gain of 26.42±2 dB in the 12-18 GHz range achieving a fractional bandwidth of 40%. The simulated radiation patterns are stable with cross-polarization level below -40 dB and side-lobes level below -15 dB over the entire operating frequency range. The simulated phase efficiency is about 56% at the center frequency of 15 GHz.


Ali Mohammad and Ali Hassan, "Ultra-Wideband Reflectarray Antenna Using Two Layers Square-Loop Frequency Selective Surfaces," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 118, 43-59, 2022.


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