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Dielectric Loaded Exponentially Tapered Slot Antenna for Wireless Communications at 60 GHz

By Subramaniam Ramesh and Thipparaju Rama Rao
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 38, 43-54, 2013


This paper deals with the dielectric loaded Exponentially Tapered Slot (ETS) antenna needed for ultra-high-speed, high-capacity wireless communication systems which work at 60 GHz and illustrates its specifications and requirements. The antenna in such system requires high gain, high-efficient and high performance design specifications. The ETS antenna and the loaded dielectric are integrated using the same single substrate resulting in easy fabrication and low cost. The ETS antenna with rectangular and elliptical shaped loaded dielectrics were designed and fabricated. These antennas have high gain and wider beamwidth in both E-plane and H-plane. The proposed antenna design is simulated using 3D electromagnetic software CST Microwave Studio and the comparison is made with Ansys HFSS to validate the design procedure. The results obtained from the simulations and the measurements are in good agreement.


Subramaniam Ramesh and Thipparaju Rama Rao, "Dielectric Loaded Exponentially Tapered Slot Antenna for Wireless Communications at 60 GHz ," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 38, 43-54, 2013.


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