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The Round-Ended Design and Measurement of All Symmetric Edge-Coupled Bandpass Filter

By Baohua Yang, Ghulam Mehdi, Anyong Hu, Yan Xie, Xianxun Yao, Jin Zhang, Cheng Zheng, and Jungang Miao
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 38, 191-203, 2013


The round-corner design of an all symmetric edge-coupled bandpass filter (BPF) is presented. The manufacturing tolerances and its effects of frequency shift on the design of the edge-coupled are investigated. Consequently, the round-ended design method is proposed in order to compensate the open-end effect in the half-wavelength resonator section with the round-ended corners rather than decrementing the lengths in a conventional way, and an experience formula and a corresponding procedure are devised for the design of such filters. The widths of all the half-wavelength resonators are set equal to avoid discontinuities in the interior of the filter. The filter is realized on a ceramic filled soft substrate with dielectric constant of 6.2. For obtaining the de-embedded measured results at the device plane an in-house customized through-reflect-line (TRL) calibration kit is produced. Three kinds of filters at different center frequencies are manufactured, and their measured results are in good agreement with the simulated ones after calibration.


Baohua Yang, Ghulam Mehdi, Anyong Hu, Yan Xie, Xianxun Yao, Jin Zhang, Cheng Zheng, and Jungang Miao, "The Round-Ended Design and Measurement of All Symmetric Edge-Coupled Bandpass Filter," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 38, 191-203, 2013.


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