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Compact Wideband Antenna for Microwave Imaging of Brain

By Beada'a Jasem Mohammed, Amin M. Abbosh, David Ireland, and Marek Bialkowski
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 27, 27-39, 2012


This article reports on the design of a wideband compact microstrip-fed tapered slot antenna aimed at microwave imaging of a brain stroke. The antenna is immersed in a carefully designed coupling liquid that is used to facilitate higher signal penetration in the brain and thus increased dynamic range of the imaging system. A parametric analysis is used to find out the required properties of the coupling liquid. A suitable mixture of materials is then used to implement those properties. In order to protect the antenna from the adverse effects of the coupling medium, dielectric sheets are used to cover the radiator and the ground plane. To verify the proposed design in brain imaging, the antenna is tested using a suitable head model. It is shown that the antenna with a compact size (24 mm × 24 mm) on RT6010 substrate (dielectric constant = 10.2) operates efficiently over the band from 1 GHz to more than 4 GHz with more than 10 dB return loss. The time domain performance of the antenna supports its capability to transmit a distortion-less pulse with a high fidelity factor inside the head tissues.


Beada'a Jasem Mohammed, Amin M. Abbosh, David Ireland, and Marek Bialkowski, "Compact Wideband Antenna for Microwave Imaging of Brain," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 27, 27-39, 2012.


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