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Design of the High Efficiency Circular Horn Feed for High-Power Microwave System

By Hao Li, Jiayin Li, Haiyang Wang, Tian-Ming Li, and Yi-Hong Zhou
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 8, 1-12, 2009


Design aspects of high efficiency profiled circular horns feed with smooth wall for the high-power microwave (HPM) system are presented in this paper. The modal content at the circular aperture of horn necessary to closely approximate a linear polarized Gaussian distribution is established. Slope discontinuities along the axis of the horn are then used to generate the necessary waveguide modes with the appropriate amplitudes and phases at the aperture. The performance of the horn is calculated using the mode matching technique. Significant improvement in the performance of radiation over a straight conical horn can be achieved on the premise of high power capacity. The excellent correspondence between the predictions and simulated result by CSTMWS (CST microwave studio) supports this conclusion.


Hao Li, Jiayin Li, Haiyang Wang, Tian-Ming Li, and Yi-Hong Zhou, "Design of the High Efficiency Circular Horn Feed for High-Power Microwave System," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 8, 1-12, 2009.


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