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Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Microwave Oscillators Using the Periodic Averaging Method

By Hamid Vahdati and Abdolali Abdipour
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 79, 179-193, 2008


In this paper an approach for stability analysis of microwave oscillators is proposed. Using the perturbation theory and averaging method, a theorem which relates the oscillation stability to the stability of the periodic average of the circuit's Jacobian is mentioned. Using this theorem, a criterion for oscillation stability is devised. The proposed criterion is applied to the stability analysis of a negative resistance diode oscillators and a Colpitts oscillator. This method is readily applicable to microwave CAD routines.


Hamid Vahdati and Abdolali Abdipour, "Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Microwave Oscillators Using the Periodic Averaging Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 79, 179-193, 2008.


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