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Filter-Free Light Absorption Measurement of Volcanic Ashes and Ambient Particulate Matter Using Multi-Wavelength Photoacoustic Spectroscopy

By Gaoxuan Wang, Pierre Kulinski, Patrice Hubert, Alexandre Deguine, Denis Petitprez, Suzanne Crumeyrolle, Eric Fertein, Karine Deboudt, Pascal Flament, Markus W. Sigrist, Hongming Yi, and Wei Dong Chen
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 166, 59-74, 2019


Accurate measurement of atmospheric particulate matter (PM) absorption coefficient is highly required for study of earth climate change and for monitoring of air quality. In addition, multi-wavelength measurements of PM absorption can provide information on the PM chemical composition (black carbon or brown carbon). A multi-wavelengths photoacoustic (MW-PA) spectrophone operating at 444, 532 and 660 nm was developed and deployed for filter-free characterization of wavelength-dependent optical properties of PM mass absorption coefficient (MAC) and absorption Ångström coefficient (AAC). It is worth noting that to date no any AAC of volcanic ashes determined by filter-free measurement have been reported. The developed MW-PA spectrophone was deployed to an intensive field campaign measurement of environmental PM in Grenoble (France). Side-by-side inter-comparison measurements of ambient PM showed a good correlation between the developed MW-PA spectrophone and a reference instrument aethalometer (Magee scientific, AE33).


Gaoxuan Wang, Pierre Kulinski, Patrice Hubert, Alexandre Deguine, Denis Petitprez, Suzanne Crumeyrolle, Eric Fertein, Karine Deboudt, Pascal Flament, Markus W. Sigrist, Hongming Yi, and Wei Dong Chen, "Filter-Free Light Absorption Measurement of Volcanic Ashes and Ambient Particulate Matter Using Multi-Wavelength Photoacoustic Spectroscopy," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 166, 59-74, 2019.


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