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Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Material Media with Magnetic Monopoles

By Joan Costa-Quintana and Fernando Lopez-Aguilar
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 110, 267-295, 2010


The objective of this paper is to establish the properties of the electromagnetic wave propagation in a diversity of situations in material media with magnetic monopoles and even in the situations of entities simultaneously containing electric and magnetic charges. This analysis requires the knowledge and solutions of the ``Maxwell" equations in material media compatible with the existence of magnetic monopoles and the extended concepts of linear responses (conductivity, split-charge susceptibility, kinetic susceptibility, permittivity and magnetic permeability) in the case of presence of electric and magnetic charges. This analysis can facilitate insights and suggestions for electrical and optical experiments according a better knowledge of the materials whose behaviour can be analyzed under the consideration of the existence of entities with equivalent properties of the magnetic monopoles.


Joan Costa-Quintana and Fernando Lopez-Aguilar, "Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Material Media with Magnetic Monopoles," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 110, 267-295, 2010.


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