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A Symmetry-Based Formalism for the Electrodynamics of Nanotubes

By Said Mikki and Ahmed Kishk
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 86, 111-134, 2008


In this paper, a general symmetry-based approach to the electrodynamics of a class of low-dimensional structures, carbon nanotubes, is proposed. The contribution of the microscopic configuration is handled using the symmetry group of the structure under consideration. An explicit form of the electromagnetic field is derived starting from a general nonlocal linear susceptibility model expressed as a low-dimensional phenomenological response function. The general form of the field obtained is used to devise new theoretical insights by providing a framework for the computation of the nanotube Green's functions.


Said Mikki and Ahmed Kishk, "A Symmetry-Based Formalism for the Electrodynamics of Nanotubes," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 86, 111-134, 2008.


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