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Study on High Gain Circular Waveguide Array Antenna with Metamaterial Structure

By Bin Li, Bian Wu, and Chang-Hong Liang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 60, 207-219, 2006


A new method to improve the gain of circular waveguide array antenna with metamaterial structure is presented. The electromagnetic characteristics of metamaterial and circular waveguide antenna with metamaterial structure are studied by using numerical simulation method, which are also compared with those of the conventional circular waveguide antenna. The simulation and experimental results show that this method is effective and metamaterial structure can realize congregating the radiation energy, so the gain of the antenna increases while the side lobe level decreases.


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Bin Li, Bian Wu, and Chang-Hong Liang, "Study on High Gain Circular Waveguide Array Antenna with Metamaterial Structure," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 60, 207-219, 2006.


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