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A New Self-Decoupling Magnetic Levitation Generator for Wind Turbines

By Yanjun Yu, Huangqiu Zhu, and Si Zeng
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 40, 111-118, 2014


In order to decouple traditional levitation windings and armature windings, a new self-decoupling magnetic levitation generator (SDMLG) is proposed for wind turbines. This new generator adopts double-stator structure. The armature windings are in the outer stator, and the levitation windings are in the inner stator. The rotor is made of a distributed hollow structure, so that it can effectively decouple the levitation subsystem and armature subsystem. The new structure and operating principle of the generator are presented in this paper. Then the expressions of levitation forces are deduced by analyzing magnetic flux distributions and winding flux linkages. Finite-element analysis method (FEA) is used as the tool for analyzing the performance of the new generator. And the results verify that the levitation windings and armature windings are effectively decoupled.


Yanjun Yu, Huangqiu Zhu, and Si Zeng, "A New Self-Decoupling Magnetic Levitation Generator for Wind Turbines," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 40, 111-118, 2014.


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