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Sturm-Liouville Matrix Equation for the Study of Electromagnetic-Waves Propagation in Layered Anisotropic Media

By Rene Pernas-Salomon and Rolando Perez-Alvarez
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 40, 79-90, 2014


We obtain a Sturm-Lioville matrix equation of motion (SLME) for the study of electromagnetic wave propagation in layered anisotropic structures. Conducting media were taken into account so that ohmic loss is considered. This equation can be treated using a 4×4 associated transfer matrix (T) in layered anisotropic structures, where the tensors: permittivity, permeability and the electric conductivity have a piecewise dependence on the coordinate perpendicular to the layered structure. We use the SLME eigenfunctions and eigenvalues to analyze qualitatively the numerical instability (Ωd problem) which potentially affects practical applications of the transfer matrix method. By means of the SLME coefficients we show analytically that T determinant value can be used to keep a check on the numerical accuracy of calculations. We derive equations to analyze wave propagation in linear layered isotropic structures. The SLME approach is applied on two typical layered structures to verify theoretical predictions and experimental results.


Rene Pernas-Salomon and Rolando Perez-Alvarez, "Sturm-Liouville Matrix Equation for the Study of Electromagnetic-Waves Propagation in Layered Anisotropic Media," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 40, 79-90, 2014.


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