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Fourier-Domain Electromagnetic Wave Theory for Layered Metamaterials of Finite Extent

By Kenneth J. Chau, Mohammed H. Al Shakhs, and Peter Ott
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 40, 45-56, 2014


The Floquet-Bloch theorem allows waves in infinite, lossless periodic media to be expressed as a sum of discrete Floquet-Bloch modes, but its validity is challenged under the realistic constraints of loss and finite extent. In this work, we mathematically reveal the existence of Floquet-Bloch modes in the electromagnetic fields sustained by lossy, finite periodic layered media using Maxwell's equations alone without invoking the Floquet-Bloch theorem. Starting with a transfer-matrix representation of the electromagnetic field in a generic layered medium, we apply Fourier transformation and a series of mathematical manipulations to isolate a term explicitly dependent on Floquet-Bloch modes. Fourierdomain representation of the electromagnetic field can be reduced into a product of the Floquet-Bloch term and two other matrix factors: one governed by reflections from the medium boundaries and another dependent on layer composition. Electromagnetic fields in any finite, lossy, layered structure can now be interpreted in the Fourier-domain by separable factors dependent on distinct physical features of the structure. The developed theory enables new methods for analyzing and communicating the electromagnetic properties of layered metamaterials.


Kenneth J. Chau, Mohammed H. Al Shakhs, and Peter Ott, "Fourier-Domain Electromagnetic Wave Theory for Layered Metamaterials of Finite Extent," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 40, 45-56, 2014.


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