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Wideband High Gain Fractal Antenna for Wireless Applications

By Arpan Desai, Trushit K. Upadhyaya, Riki Patel, Sagar Bhatt, and Parthesh Mankodi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 74, 125-130, 2018


The paper focuses on design and analysis of hexagon inspired fractal geometry and defected ground plane to evaluate the performance of patch antenna for wireless applications. It also emphasizes increasing the antenna bandwidth by incorporating novel rectangular Defected Ground Surface (DGS) structure with CPW feed. In the proposed work, antenna is simulated and fabricated for wireless applications using FR4 as the substrate, and it covers wide band with high gain. The antenna resonates at frequencies of 3.79 GHz and 5.5 GHz with measured return losses of -25.02 dB and -26.03 dB, respectively, making the proposed antenna suitable for Wi-Fi, cordless phone, wireless devices and wireless sensor networks applications.


Arpan Desai, Trushit K. Upadhyaya, Riki Patel, Sagar Bhatt, and Parthesh Mankodi, "Wideband High Gain Fractal Antenna for Wireless Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 74, 125-130, 2018.


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