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Broadband Nanoantennas for Plasmon Enhanced Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopies

By Zhengdong Yong, Senlin Zhang, Yongjiang Dong, and Sailing He
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 153, 123-131, 2015


We propose a novel design of broadband plasmonic nanoantenna that is suitable for fluorescence and Raman enhancement. The structure consists of a gold nanoring and bowties at the center. We numerically investigate the near field and far field performance by employing the finite-difference time-domain method. High Purcell enhancement and large SERS are demonstrated in a record wide spectral bandwidth of 700 nm based on a single emitter-antenna configuration. Moreover, unlike a traditional antenna design, the proposed nanoantenna has low heat generation and high field enhancement at the gap simultaneously, when operating off resonance.


Zhengdong Yong, Senlin Zhang, Yongjiang Dong, and Sailing He, "Broadband Nanoantennas for Plasmon Enhanced Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopies," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 153, 123-131, 2015.


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