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Artificial Magnetic Properties of Dielectric Metamaterials in Terms of Effective Circuit Model

By Lingyun Liu, Jingbo Sun, Xiaojian Fu, Ji Zhou, Qian Zhao, Bo Fu, Jiaping Liao, and Didier Lippens
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 116, 159-170, 2011


An effective series RLC model for the electromagnetic response of weakly absorbing dielectric sphere near the first magnetic dipole resonance was developed, and the effective magnetic properties of Mie resonance-based dielectric metamaterials were obtained in terms of this model. In comparison with traditional effective medium theory such as extended Maxwell-Garnett (EMG) theory based on Mie model, this approach is more intuitive and can give an analytical dependence of the magnetic properties of the composite on the electromagnetic and geometric parameters of the constituting dielectric particles.


Lingyun Liu, Jingbo Sun, Xiaojian Fu, Ji Zhou, Qian Zhao, Bo Fu, Jiaping Liao, and Didier Lippens, "Artificial Magnetic Properties of Dielectric Metamaterials in Terms of Effective Circuit Model," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 116, 159-170, 2011.


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