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A Novel Lanczos-Type Procedure for Computing Eigenelements of Maxwell and Helmholtz Problems

By Bruno Carpentieri, Yan-Fei Jing, and Ting-Zhu Huang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 110, 81-101, 2010


We introduce a novel variant of the Lanczos method for computing a few eigenvalues of sparse and/or dense non-Hermitian systems arising from the discretization of Maxwell- or Helmholtz-type operators in Electromagnetics. We develop a Krylov subspace projection technique built upon short-term vector recurrences that does not require full reorthogonalization and can approximate simultaneously both left and rigth eigenvectors. We report on experiments for solving eigenproblems arising in the analysis of dielectric waveguides and scattering applications from PEC structures. The theoretical and numerical results reported in this study will contribute to highlight the potential and enrich the database of this technology for solving generalized eigenvalue problems in Computational Electromagnetics.


Bruno Carpentieri, Yan-Fei Jing, and Ting-Zhu Huang, "A Novel Lanczos-Type Procedure for Computing Eigenelements of Maxwell and Helmholtz Problems," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 110, 81-101, 2010.


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