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Calculation of the Mutual Coupling Parameters and Their Effects in 1-D Planar Almost Periodic Structures

By Bilel Hamdi, Taoufik Aguili, Nathalie Raveu, and Henri Baudrand
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 59, 269-289, 2014


This paper proposes a new modal analysis based on Floquet's theorem which is needful for the study of a 1-D periodic phased array antenna excited by arbitrary located sources. This analysis requires an accurate estimation for calculation of the mutual coupling parameters (for example: mutual impedances or admittances...) between the array elements and their effects integrating a large planar radiating structure. Two different formulations are suggested, in spectral and spatial domains, to solve the problem and to calculate the coupling coefficients between the neighbouring elements in a periodic environment. Important gain in the running time and used memory is obtained using Floquet analysis. One numerical method is used for modeling the proposed structures: the moment method combined with Generalized Equivalent Circuit (MoM-GEC).


Bilel Hamdi, Taoufik Aguili, Nathalie Raveu, and Henri Baudrand, "Calculation of the Mutual Coupling Parameters and Their Effects in 1-D Planar Almost Periodic Structures," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 59, 269-289, 2014.


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