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Multi-Floor Indoor Positioning System Using Bayesian Graphical Models

By Abdullah Al-Ahmadi, Abdusamea. I. A. Omer, Muhammad Ramlee Kamarudin, and Tharek Bin Abdul Rahman
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 25, 241-259, 2010


In recent years, location determination systems have gained a high importance due to its rule in the context aware systems. In this paper, we will design a multi-floor indoor positioning system based on Bayesian Graphical Models (BGM). Graphical models have a great flexibility on visualizing the relationships between random variables. Rather of using one sampling technique, we are going to use multiple sets each set contains a collection of sampling techniques, the accuracy of each set will be compared with each other.


Abdullah Al-Ahmadi, Abdusamea. I. A. Omer, Muhammad Ramlee Kamarudin, and Tharek Bin Abdul Rahman, "Multi-Floor Indoor Positioning System Using Bayesian Graphical Models," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 25, 241-259, 2010.


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