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Dual-Band Nanostructured Polarizer

By Ragib Shakil Rafi and Alessandro Salandrino
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 113, 151-161, 2022


We propose the design of a dual-band nano-structured polarizer that allows the transmission of two different linear polarizations within different frequency bands. A broad-band transmission window in the visible range exists for the x-polarization, whereas the y-polarization transmits efficiently in the near-infrared range. The transmittance exceeds 80% for the target polarization in both cases under normal incidence. This operation is achieved by an orthogonally patterned metallic surface having a long metal wire along the x-axis with four other small metal wires along the y-axis and allowing for a strong localized slit resonance to operate in the desired passband. The appropriate metal length and air gap choice lead to intense slit resonances in the spectral region of choice. The proposed design can be optimized for either ultrawide single band operation or dual-band perpendicular polarization operation.


Ragib Shakil Rafi and Alessandro Salandrino, "Dual-Band Nanostructured Polarizer," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 113, 151-161, 2022.


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