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Compact Embedded Dual Band EBG Structure with Low SAR for Wearable Antenna Application

By Vidya R. Keshwani, Pramod P. Bhavarthe, and Surendra S. Rathod
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 113, 199-211, 2022


In this paper, a rectangular embedded dual band Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) structure at frequencies 2.45/5.8 GHz useful in industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) band for various wearable applications is proposed. The main intent of this work is to design a dual band EBG to reduce specific absorption rate (SAR). The unit cell which is a part of the EBG structure is formed using a rectangular patch. It has a U shaped rectangular slot and a stretched strip with a rectangular patch at end. EBG unit cell simulation is accomplished by solving eigen mode problem in High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS). EBG structure has to be suitably designed and fine tuned for specified band stop property to reduce surface waves. It must improve front to back ratio (FBR). With placing antenna on human body, frequency detuning occurs which is undesirable thus emphasizing the need of improvement in impedance bandwidth. This improvement can be achieved by a suitable design of EBG structure. In this work, the proposed EBG structure is integrated with a dual-band monopole antenna at frequencies 2.45/5.8 GHz for wearable application. The evaluation of antenna performance on a four layer body model is carried out. Simulations are used to demonstrate EBG array structure effectiveness for the reduction of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) on the four layer body model. Computed SAR values for tissue in 1 g and 10 g are within standard prescribed limits. It is concluded that the proposed dual band antenna is appropriate for wearable applications. Proposed EBG array is fabricated and integrated with a twin E-shaped monopole antenna. The measurement of reflection coefficient, radiation pattern, and transmission coefficient of fabricated EBG array is carried out. The measured and simulated results show good agreement. Antenna performance in the event of bending condition and on-body condition is assessed.


Vidya R. Keshwani, Pramod P. Bhavarthe, and Surendra S. Rathod, "Compact Embedded Dual Band EBG Structure with Low SAR for Wearable Antenna Application," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 113, 199-211, 2022.


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