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A Novel Two Ports MIMO Antenna Having Dual Stopped-Band Functionality and Enhanced Isolation

By Muhammad Kabir Khan and Quanyuan Feng
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 113, 173-185, 2022


This article introduces a unique dual-band notched Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna. The planned MIMO antenna has two identical Mushroom-shaped radiators with a combined dimension of 18×34×1.6 mm3. Inverted L-structured stubs are joined to the antenna's ground to provide enhanced port isolation. The proposed antenna achieves improved isolation of -23 dB over 3.08-12.8 GHz bandwidth. Two novel strips are extruded in the antenna's ground and mushroom-shaped radiator to introduce a notched WiMAX band (3.37-4.30) and WLAN (5.08-5.80) GHz band. The presented antenna's peak gain is achieved from 2 to 4.8 dBi, and the antenna's radiation efficiency is attained between 78 and 90% except for (3.37-4.30) GHz and (5.08-5.80) GHz stopped bands.


Muhammad Kabir Khan and Quanyuan Feng, "A Novel Two Ports MIMO Antenna Having Dual Stopped-Band Functionality and Enhanced Isolation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 113, 173-185, 2022.


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