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Dipole Antenna with 18×5 Square Electromagnetic Band Gap for Applications Used in Monitoring Children Trapped in Cars

By Watcharaphon Naktong and Natchayathorn Wattikornsirikul
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 112, 163-176, 2022


This article presents the design of the dipole antenna structure in combination with a square electromagnetic band gap (EBG), to detect child trapped in carsuse the 750 MHz frequency range, which responds to the most human movement detection. The antenna structure has been designed on a copper plate with a thickness of 0.297 mm and polyester mylar film. The baseplate has a thickness of 0.3 mm, dielectric value 3.2. By design, the dipole antenna is the size as 201.56x12.5 mm2 and a 18x5 units square Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) is the size as 254.64x71.86 mm2. The results of the measurement showed that the bandwidth impedance in the operating frequency range was 4.78% (735-771 MHz) with a gain of 6.33 dBi, and has an omnidirectional signal. The dipole antenna has the best distance between the EBG plates 30 mm. When being examined at a distance of 500-1,600 mm, it is the most effective at an average signal strength of approximately 0.032 mW in every time there is movement of the human in the car.


Watcharaphon Naktong and Natchayathorn Wattikornsirikul, "Dipole Antenna with 18×5 Square Electromagnetic Band Gap for Applications Used in Monitoring Children Trapped in Cars," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 112, 163-176, 2022.


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