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Transient Thermal Analysis of Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

By Abdelmalek Laissaoui, Ammar Abdi, Mezoued Sabrina, Bachir Nekhoul, and Dragan Poljak
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 112, 93-104, 2022


The study of the thermal effect caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields is a focus of this research. To quantify the induced current and temperature distribution in the human body an assessment tool for the frequency range of 50 Hz to 110 MHz has been developed. The major contribution consists of providing a quantitatively accurate and relatively simple model. The formulation of the problem is based on a simplified cylindrical representation defined by the anatomical parameters of the human body. The bio-thermal modeling is carried out in two stages. Firstly, the electromagnetic analysis is based on the transmission lines (TL) theory. Secondly, a thermal modeling based on the thermal networks model (nodal method) is approached. This allows us to quantify the corresponding thermal gradients in the human body.


Abdelmalek Laissaoui, Ammar Abdi, Mezoued Sabrina, Bachir Nekhoul, and Dragan Poljak, "Transient Thermal Analysis of Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 112, 93-104, 2022.


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