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Study on the Propagation Characteristics of Gold-Silver Hybrid Chain Nanostructures

By Shenxiang Yang, Dan Zhang, Huiwen Chen, Shuo Wang, and Chun-Ping Chen
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 111, 119-131, 2022


In this paper, the transport characteristics of gold/silver mixed chain nanostructures with different proportions of infinite length in the range of 270-810 nm are studied, and the corresponding band gap characteristics and other transport characteristics are analyzed. We introduced an analytical model to determine the complex dielectric constant of an arbitrary composition Au-Ag alloy, and combined this with the experimental data to study the propagation characteristics of the infinite-length gold-silver mixed-chain nanostructures with various compositions. As the gold content exceeds Au:Ag(1:2), the coupling coefficient between the forward and reverse waves becomes smaller, and the reverse wave cannot provide enough energy to transfer to the forward wave. The scattering ability of the scattering unit weakens, the frequency range of the propagation state widens, and it exhibits good propagation characteristics. By gradually increasing the proportion of metal in the alloy, we can explore the variation of the propagation characteristics of the alloy. At present, the change of metal propagation characteristics has not been studied from this point at home and abroad, so we found for the first time that frequency modulation can be realized through this method (regulating the attenuation or cutoff frequency range, namely the band gap range). We also studied a cylindrical finite array chain composed of 40 nanorods under five types of experimental data and discussed the wave guiding ability of the finite array chain under the excitation of a plane wave of a specific wavelength.


Shenxiang Yang, Dan Zhang, Huiwen Chen, Shuo Wang, and Chun-Ping Chen, "Study on the Propagation Characteristics of Gold-Silver Hybrid Chain Nanostructures," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 111, 119-131, 2022.


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