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All-Textile on-Body Metasurface Antenna

By Esra Çelenk and Nurhan Turker Tokan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 110, 119-131, 2022


In this work, a novel all-textile washable metasurface antenna is designed for WBAN/WLAN and mid-band 5G applications. Metasurface antenna is obtained by implanting SRR (Split Ring Resonator) metamaterials that show left-hand characteristics to the patch plane. The metasurface arrays consisting of 4×1 and 4×2 SRRs are placed to both sides of a circular patch. The performance of the antenna is verified by a full-wave electromagnetic analysis tool. The results show that metamaterial arrays significantly increase gain and efficiency values of the circular patch antenna. Metasurface antenna consisting of 4×2 array of metamaterials increases the efficiency from 74% to 94.5% and the antenna gain from 6.81 dBi to 9.43 dBi. Performance of the antenna is observed on conformal surfaces, as well. An analysis is carried out to calculate the peak specific absorption rate on an arm phantom. Patterns of vertically bended antenna in ø=0° and 90° planes and low SAR values up to 30 dBm input power proved suitability of the metasurface antennas for on-body applications. The antennas are fabricated by using standard textile manufacturing techniques. It was confirmed by the measurement results that the metasurface formed by the linear SRR arrays increases the antenna gain. With its low cost, fabrication with standard off-the-shelf parts, high gain, and efficiency features, the proposed antenna can be used in wireless body area networks and 5G applications.


Esra Çelenk and Nurhan Turker Tokan, "All-Textile on-Body Metasurface Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 110, 119-131, 2022.