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A Parasitic Array Based Pattern Reconfigurable Patch Antenna for Wi-Fi 6E Application

By Bhaben Saikia and Kunal Borah
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 107, 119-129, 2022


A pattern reconfigurable microstrip patch antenna with two parallel parasitic patches placed close to both sides of a rectangular driven patch is investigated and presented in this article. Four switchable shorting posts are used to enable the parasitic elements to act either as a reflector or director for beam reconfiguration, based on the operating state of four associated PIN diode switches. To avoid large change in the dimension of both parasitic patch and ground plane, and minimize its effect on beam steerability and return loss, two PIN diodes are placed on the top face and the other two on the slots etched on the ground plane. Radiation pattern of the proposed antenna can be reconfigured into four distinct directions in the H-plane with radiation maximum at +40˚, 0˚, -40˚ and ±45˚. With overall compact dimension of (35×55) mm2 and acceptable return loss for all reconfigurable modes around 6.2 GHz frequency, the proposed antenna is a potential candidate for Wi-Fi 6E application. The measured peak gain varies between 3.9 dBi and 5.2 dBi with an average of 4.6 dBi for all beam tilt angles. Consistency between the simulated and experimental results validates the design theory and its promising application.


Bhaben Saikia and Kunal Borah, "A Parasitic Array Based Pattern Reconfigurable Patch Antenna for Wi-Fi 6E Application," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 107, 119-129, 2022.


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