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Effect of the Nonlinearity on Optical Properties of One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal

By Oumayma Habli, Jihene Zaghdoudi, and Mounir Kanzari
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 100, 69-79, 2021


Nonlinear effect on optical properties of one-dimensional photonic crystal (1D-PC) of the type (HL)n (LH)m (LLHH)k was investigated. It is an asymmetric hybrid Fabry-Perot resonator type of 1D-PC structure which is composed of linear (H layers) and nonlinear (L layers) materials. The linear and nonlinear transmission spectra are graphically illustrated using a numerical approach based on the Transfer Matrix Method (TMM). Results show the appearance of a Perfect Transmission Peak (PTP) in the photonic band gap which makes the structure constitute a monochromatic filter. By analyzing this PTP it is shown that the Full-Width at Half-Maximum (FWHM) depends not only on the number of symmetry layers of the studied 1D-PC but also on the refractive index of the nonlinear layers. The change of the refractive index (Kerr effect) causes a dynamically shift in the band gap including the resonance peak. As a result, such a structure has the potential to be used for designing optical filters and nonlinear optical devices.


Oumayma Habli, Jihene Zaghdoudi, and Mounir Kanzari, "Effect of the Nonlinearity on Optical Properties of One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 100, 69-79, 2021.


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