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BI-Functional Antenna Coating for Cloaking and Directivity Enhancement Made of Isotropic Materials

By Mohammad Hosein Fakheri, Ali Abdolali, Zohreh Moradinia, Homayoon Oraizi, and Ali Keivaan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 90, 9-18, 2020


In this paper, using quasi-conformal mapping, a bi-functional coating layer is designed with the intention of both cloaking and directivity enhancement of an omnidirectional antenna. For TM external waves coming from a certain direction, the proposed coating layer conceals the inner objects. In addition to the cloaking performance, the designed coating layer plays the role of a metamaterial-based lens that dramatically enhances the directivity level of inner omnidirectional loop-family antennas. To reach this goal, a proper coordinate transformation is elaborately utilized to transform the cylindrical wavefronts radiated from the antenna into semi-pure plane waves. With appropriate simplifications, the proposed coating layer turns into an isotropic meta-device, which is more suitable to be fabricated. To prove the feasibility of the implementation, an SRR-meander line meta-atom is designed to locally realize the required permittivity and permeability distribution of the bi-functional layer. Full-wave simulations are performed via COMSOL finite element solver to validate the cloaking effect and directivity enhancement of the proposed coating layer, at the same time.


Mohammad Hosein Fakheri, Ali Abdolali, Zohreh Moradinia, Homayoon Oraizi, and Ali Keivaan, "BI-Functional Antenna Coating for Cloaking and Directivity Enhancement Made of Isotropic Materials," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 90, 9-18, 2020.


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