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Anomalous Extinction Efficiency of Two Dimensional Particles in the Visible

By Sharhabeel Alyones, Charles W. Bruce, and Michael Granado
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 88, 45-52, 2020


In this article we theoretically investigate the visible extinction efficiency that can be obtained using a two dimensional particle. We show that extinction efficiencies up to the upper limit can be obtained from two dimensional particles (thin circular disks or flakes) compared with one dimensional (fibers) and three dimensional particles (spheres). Features of the theory of electromagnetic extinction by thin circular disks are thoroughly investigated for wide size and material contents parameters in the visible. The results of this article are of importance for the search of efficient aerosol attenuative candidates in the visible spectral region.


Sharhabeel Alyones, Charles W. Bruce, and Michael Granado, "Anomalous Extinction Efficiency of Two Dimensional Particles in the Visible," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 88, 45-52, 2020.


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