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Design of Nonuniform Metallic Anechoic Chamber for Radiation Pattern Measurement

By Ali Farahbakhsh and Mohammad Khalaj-Amirhosseini
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 58, 65-72, 2017


Antenna pattern measurement is an essential step in antenna qualification which should be done in anechoic chambers. The common method for anechoic chamber construction is to cover all inside walls by the electromagnetic absorbers. In this paper, a new method is presented to design a fully metallic chamber by controlling the electromagnetic inside the chamber and guiding them to a piece of absorber. Therefore, a desirable quiet zone is formed inside the chamber while a great reduction of absorber usage is achieved. The proposed chamber is analyzed using ray tracing method, and its performance is evaluated by simulation that shows the practicality of the proposed chamber.


Ali Farahbakhsh and Mohammad Khalaj-Amirhosseini, "Design of Nonuniform Metallic Anechoic Chamber for Radiation Pattern Measurement," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 58, 65-72, 2017.


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