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A Virtual Space-Time Adaptive Beamforming Method for Space-Time Antijamming

By Fulai Liu, Ruiyan Du, and Xiaoyu Bai
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 58, 183-191, 2017


Space-time antijamming problem has received significant attention recently in the passive radar systems, such as Global Navigation Satelite Systems (GNSS). These space-time beamformers use two adaptive filters, i.e., spatial filter and temporal filter for canceling interference signals. However, most of the work on spacetime antijamming problem presented in the literature require multiple antennas and delay taps. In this paper, a virtual space-time adaptive beamforming method is proposed. The temporal smoothing technique is utilized to add a structure of the received data model for the implementation of the proposed method without delay tap. Compared with the previous work, the presented method offers a number of advantages over other recently proposed algorithms. For example, the space-time weight vector can be obtained by simple algebraic operations. It has lower computational complexity.It can reduce system overhead since the temporal smoothing technology is used instead of multiple delay taps. Simulation results are presented to verify that effectiveness of the proposed method.


Fulai Liu, Ruiyan Du, and Xiaoyu Bai, "A Virtual Space-Time Adaptive Beamforming Method for Space-Time Antijamming," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 58, 183-191, 2017.


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