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A Fourier Phase Mode Approach for Chebyshev Pattern Synthesis in Circular Antenna Array

By Mavulluri Ganesh and Konidala Ratna Subhashini
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 58, 97-106, 2017


In this article, a novel phase mode analysis for a circular antenna array is discussed. This proposition experiments on the synthesis of Dolph- Chebyshev pattern for circular geometry employing directional element 1+cos(φ). Here, for pattern synthesis a modi ed uniform sampling method is proposed, and for investigation of continuous current excitation in a circular array, a Fourier phase-mode approach is proposed. The synthesis process permits generation of complex weights for each element to produce the Chebyshev pattern with a desired beamwidth or Side Lobe Level (SLL). The radius is a key factor for a circular geometry and also decides the pattern synthesis, which is determined by using the phase mode concept. Also, this article contributes to the formulation of a mathematical relationship between the number of phase modes (P) and number of antenna elements in the array (N) such as N = 2(P-1).


Mavulluri Ganesh and Konidala Ratna Subhashini, "A Fourier Phase Mode Approach for Chebyshev Pattern Synthesis in Circular Antenna Array," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 58, 97-106, 2017.


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