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A Four Bandwidth-Resolution UWB Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna

By Mounira Bitchikh and Farid Ghanem
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 53, 121-129, 2017


In this paper, a frequency reconfigurable Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna (AVA), capable of covering a Band of Interest (BoI) spanning from 3 to 10.6 GHz with four different bandwidth resolutions, is presented. By incorporating four rectilinear resonators and two Split-Ring-Resonators (SRRs) into the AVA, the whole BoI can be covered by one (UWB mode), three (3-sub mode), seven (7-sub mode), or sixteen (16-sub mode) sub-bands. In the UWB-mode, all the six resonators are deactivated by disrupting their structures, so the antenna operates as a classical AVA. In the 3-sub mode, only one rectilinear resonator is activated; the low Q of these resonators allow narrowing the antenna operating band so that the BoI is covered by three sub-bands. In the 7-sub mode, two rectilinear resonators are activated at a time, which narrows the operating bandwidth furthermore, allowing to cover the BoI by seven sub-bands. In the 16-sub mode, one of the two SRRs is activated at a time to be used as a coupling-bridge to very narrow frequency bands that allows covering the BoI by sixteen different bands. To present the work, simulated and measured results are given and discussed.


Mounira Bitchikh and Farid Ghanem, "A Four Bandwidth-Resolution UWB Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 53, 121-129, 2017.


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