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A Visibility-Domain Reconstruction Technique for Optical Interferometry Imaging

By Mu-Min Chiou and Jean-Fu Kiang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 53, 215-227, 2017


A visibility-domain processing for optical interferometric imaging (VP-OII) method is proposed to model the visibility distribution of an image, and a phase retrieval technique is proposed to acquire additional visibility data from the powerspectrum and closure-phase data. This method requires only a few tunable parameters, and can be easily extended to include more data acquired from different instruments. By simulating the reconstruction of an LkHα 101 image, the proposed method proves a few hundreds times faster and is more resilient to noises than the conventional MIRA, and the image quality is comparable to noise that of conventional MIRA.


Mu-Min Chiou and Jean-Fu Kiang, "A Visibility-Domain Reconstruction Technique for Optical Interferometry Imaging," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 53, 215-227, 2017.


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