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Perforated Nanoantenna Reflectarray

By Saber Zainud-Deen, Hend Abd El-Azem Malhat, Shaymaa Gaber, and Kamal Awadalla
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 29, 253-265, 2013


This paper presents a design of perforated nanoantenna reflectarray. The use of metallic nanostructures made of Silver and/or Gold at appropriate wavelength cause fascinating unusual electromagnetic effects. Reflectarray consists of an array of unit cell made from Silver is investigated. The effect of the number of perforated holes in the unit cell configurations is investigated for proper reflection coefficient phase compensation. A linearly polarized pyramidal nano-horn is used to feed the perforated nanoantenna reflectarray. The radiation characteristics of 9 × 9 perforated nanoantenna reflectarray are illustrated. A high gain of 20.5 dB is obtained at the designed frequency of 735 THz. A comparison between solid Silver sheet with no perforation holes and the proposed perforated reflectarray is explained.


Saber Zainud-Deen, Hend Abd El-Azem Malhat, Shaymaa Gaber, and Kamal Awadalla, "Perforated Nanoantenna Reflectarray," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 29, 253-265, 2013.


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