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Research on Millimeter-Wave Radiation Characteristics of Solid Target

By Xi Chen and Jianzhong Xu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 29, 151-164, 2013


Millimeter-wave (MMW) radiation characteristics of solid targets are very complicated, and this paper starts with the research on modeling and simulation of the simple solid metal target. On the basis of the optical property of MMW, the two-ray propagation (direct reflection and ground secondary reflection of the solid target surface) is analyzed by means of the ray tracing theory in the geometrical optics, the radiation temperature calculation model is established; Furthermore, in combination with the panel-method-based geometric model and in accordance with the spatial analytic geometry and vector algebra theory, model calculation of the intersection movement between the radiometer and the target is analyzed and the MATLAB simulation platform for MMW radiation characteristics of the solid target is built. Under the assumed simulation conditions, simulation experiments on three types of solid metal targets (sphere, cylinder and cone) are performed to verify the proposed method in this paper. Meanwhile, comparative analysis between the MMW radiation characteristics of the circular metallic plate and those of the metallic ball with the same radius indicates that the spherical metallic target is equivalent to the non-ideal metallic circular planar target which is increased about 1.3 times in the linear size, and the result is validated through the measured data, which provides more accurate and effective data and theoretical support for target recognition and location in the millimeter-wave passive detection.


Xi Chen and Jianzhong Xu, "Research on Millimeter-Wave Radiation Characteristics of Solid Target," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 29, 151-164, 2013.


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