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A Cell-Vertex Finite Volume Time Domain Method for Electromagnetic Scattering

By Narendra Deore and Avijit Chatterjee
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 12, 1-15, 2010


A cell-vertex based finite volume scheme is used to solve the time-dependentMaxwell's equations and predict electromagnetic scattering from perfectly conducting bodies. The scheme is based on the cell-vertex finite volume integration method, originally proposed by Ni[1], for solution of the two dimensional unsteady Euler equations of gas dynamics. The resulting solution is second-order accurate in space and time, and requires cell based fluctuations to be appropriately distributed to the state vector stored at cell vertices at each time step. Results are presented for two-dimensional canonical shapes and complex three dimensional geometries. Unlike in gas dynamics, no user defined numerical damping is required in this novel cell-vertex based finite volume integration scheme when applied to the time-domain Maxwell's equations.


Narendra Deore and Avijit Chatterjee, "A Cell-Vertex Finite Volume Time Domain Method for Electromagnetic Scattering," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 12, 1-15, 2010.


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