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Electromagnetic Bandgap Analysis of 1D Magnetized Ppc with Oblique Incidence

By Lixia Yang, Yingtao Xie, Pingping Yu, and Gang Wang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 12, 39-50, 2010


The modified finite-difference time-domain (M-FDTD) method is proposed to analysis electromagnetic bandgap of 1D layered anisotropic plasma photonic crystal(PPC) under the situa-tion of the EM wave oblique incidence. The presence of it avoids the usage of two-dimensional FDTD iterative and greatly improving the computational efficiency. By the algorithm, the reflec-tion coefficients of electromagnetic waves with different incidence angles are computed, and compare the results with the analytical solution. The results show that the method of the accuracy and effectiveness. Finally, the algorithm is applied to calculate electromagnetic bandgap charater-istics of PPC with the different incident angles, and their reflection coefficients under the condi-tion of the different incident angles are analyzed.


Lixia Yang, Yingtao Xie, Pingping Yu, and Gang Wang, "Electromagnetic Bandgap Analysis of 1D Magnetized Ppc with Oblique Incidence," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 12, 39-50, 2010.


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