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The Electromagnetic Ion-Cyclotron Instability in the Presence of a.C. Electric Field for Lorentzian Kappa

By Rama Pandey, R. Pandey, Ajay K. Srivastava, S. Karim, and Hariom
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 1, 207-217, 2008


Electromagnetic ion cyclotron (EMIC) waves have been studied in the presence of AC electric field perpendicular to ambient magnetic field in the ionosphere with observed superthermal electrons. The presence of 4 eV-50 eV superthermal electrons have been recently seen by Indian SROSS-C2 satellite, Lorentzian Kappa distribution has been used to derive dispersion relation and growth rate using method of characteristics and kinetic approach. The free energy source like anisotropy in temperature, AC electric field and presence of superthermal electrons affect the growth rate. Lorentzian kappa distribution plays important role in giving the wide spectrum range of emitted frequencies.


Rama Pandey, R. Pandey, Ajay K. Srivastava, S. Karim, and Hariom, "The Electromagnetic Ion-Cyclotron Instability in the Presence of a.C. Electric Field for Lorentzian Kappa," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 1, 207-217, 2008.


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