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Shorted Circular Microstrip Antennas for 50 Ω Microstrip Line Feed with Very Low Cross Polarization

By Shivraj Mahadusing Rathod, Raval N. Awale, and Kamla Prasan Ray
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 74, 91-98, 2018


A circular microstrip antenna (CMSA) cannot be fed directly with 50 Ω microstrip (MS) line, without an inset or an impedance transformer, as all around the periphery the impedance is equally high. The feeding technique such as inset fed or quarter wave transformer makes the antenna geometry asymmetrical. In this paper, a technique using single shorting post and a pair of shorting posts is proposed to match the peripheral impedance of the CMSA with that of the 50 Ω-MS-line feed for operation around 2.45 GHz. The shorting posts perturb the current distribution on the patch, altering the input impedance at the periphery. By selecting proper shorting posts positions a wide range of impedance has been adjusted without altering the patch geometry. Due to symmetric arrangement of the double shorting posts, the proposed antenna configuration has a very low cross-polarization ratio of better than -65 dB at the broadside direction for 2.45 GHz. The simulated results of the directly fed 50 Ω-MS-line CMSAs are experimentally validated with good agreement.


Shivraj Mahadusing Rathod, Raval N. Awale, and Kamla Prasan Ray, "Shorted Circular Microstrip Antennas for 50 Ω Microstrip Line Feed with Very Low Cross Polarization," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 74, 91-98, 2018.


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