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Eigenvalue Analysis of Spherical Resonant Cavity Using Radial Basis Functions

By Sheng-Jian Lai, Bing-Zhong Wang, and Yong Duan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 24, 69-76, 2011


This paper applies a meshless method based on radial basis function (RBF) collocation to solve three-dimensional scalar Helmholtz equation in rectangular coordinates and analyze the eigenvalues of spherical resonant cavity. The boundary conditions of spherical cavity are deduced. The RBF interpolation method and the collocation procedure are applied to the Helmholtz and boundary condition equations, and their discretization matrix formulations are obtained. The eigenvalues of spherical resonant cavity with natural conformal node distribution are computed by the proposed method. Their results are agreement with the analytic solution.


Sheng-Jian Lai, Bing-Zhong Wang, and Yong Duan, "Eigenvalue Analysis of Spherical Resonant Cavity Using Radial Basis Functions," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 24, 69-76, 2011.


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