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Nonlinear Traveling-Wave Field-Effect Transistors for Managing Dispersion-Free Envelope Pulses

By Koichi Narahara
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 23, 29-38, 2011


A specialized type of traveling-wave field-effect transistor (TWFET), the gate and drain lines of which contain series capacitors, series inductors, shunt capacitors, and shunt inductors, is considered to provide a platform to manage unattenuated dispersion-free envelope pulses. Because of the nonlinearity caused by the gate-source Schottky capacitance, the dispersive distortion is well compensated. Moreover, the FET gain can cancel the wave attenuation caused by electrode losses. This paper discusses the design criteria of a TWFET using the nonlinear Schrodinger equation obtained by perturbation. Several numerical calculations follow to validate it.


Koichi Narahara, "Nonlinear Traveling-Wave Field-Effect Transistors for Managing Dispersion-Free Envelope Pulses," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 23, 29-38, 2011.


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