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Finite-Aperture Microwave Bessel Beams with Vortex Twisting, Fracturing, and Dynamic Phase-Shift Control

By Vladimir Borisovich Yurchenko, Mehmet Ciydem, and Sencer Koc
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 124, 53-68, 2022


Finite-aperture microwave vortex beams of various structures in the near-, middle-, and far-field propagation zones have been simulated. The decay of external sidelobes leading to the end of non-diffractive propagation within a fraction of the near-field zone is observed. A ring source of the vortex beams with phase-shift and frequency-sweep control of angular modes and polarization patterns through the use of patch antenna arrays of varying polarization is suggested. A new form of the beam wavefront variation with azimuthal undulation has been proposed that allows one to significantly diversify and dynamically control the beam structure. The consequences of a limited number of antenna patches in a circular array have been considered. The effects of a gradual drop of radiation power along the array and the use of multiple feed points for improving the beams have been simulated.


Vladimir Borisovich Yurchenko, Mehmet Ciydem, and Sencer Koc, "Finite-Aperture Microwave Bessel Beams with Vortex Twisting, Fracturing, and Dynamic Phase-Shift Control," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 124, 53-68, 2022.


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