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A Planar Suspended Multiband Yagi Antenna for WLAN, LTE, and 5G Wireless Applications

By Sarala S. Shirabadagi and Veeresh G. Kasabegoudar
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 122, 141-151, 2022


A planar suspended multiband Yagi antenna suitable for WLAN, LTE and 5G wireless applications has been presented. The antenna presented here has been optimized to offer operating bands centered at 2.05 GHz, 2.75 GHz, 3.8 GHz, and 6.5 GHz. The proposed antenna has good front to back (F/B) ratios of 14 dB, 13 dB, 12 dB, and 19 dB corresponding to four resonant frequencies. Similarly, the corresponding gain values are 2 dB, 1.3 dB, 3.1 dB, and 3.3 dB. A prototype antenna was fabricated and tested. Except the first resonance which is a single frequency, the other three operating bands offer impedance bandwidths of 3.98% (2.71 GHz-2.82 GHz), 5.48% (3.73 GHz-3.94 GHz), and 19.27% (5.93 GHz-7.195 GHz). Measured results agree fairly with the simulated characteristics of the proposed antenna.


Sarala S. Shirabadagi and Veeresh G. Kasabegoudar, "A Planar Suspended Multiband Yagi Antenna for WLAN, LTE, and 5G Wireless Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 122, 141-151, 2022.


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